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The cascading sound of water can be relaxing in any outdoor environment. Roth Landscape Services can help you choose and install a decorative water fountain to enhance your outdoor space. Each fountain can differ not only in size, weight and color, but the installation and landscape design that surrounds each helps to complete the overall effect. Each fountain is a one-of-a-kind work of art in every detail. We sell many different styles of fountains, some of which include Classic English Garden, Elegant New World, Classic Lion Arch, Corinthian Leaf, and Old World Statue Pieces. Each fountain style can be mixed and matched with flower beds, seating areas, or other landscape elements to create the relaxing outdoor space you’re looking for. As you work with our designers you will be able to visualize the enhancements that only fountains can bring to your property. We can help you search through the many different varieties of fountains found around the world until you find the perfect one to meet the design you have in mind.

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